About FooLok

Takeaway menu

Our Chinese takeaway menu is like Chinese restaurant cuisine, Foo lok is an Chinese cuisine takeaway. Foo lok offers various signature dishes to old classics such as chop suey, curry, kung po, sweet and sour, chow mein dishes are admitted widely. As said before, foo lok is an Chinese restaurant type, all the foods offered here are Chinese. Let's take a brief look on the Chinese takeaway menu of this restaurant: Drinks, Combos, munch Box, Starters, Soup, Curry Dishes, Duckling Dishes, Black Bean Dishes, Black Pepper Dishes, Salt and Chili Dishes, Satay Dishes, Chop Suey Dishes, Szechuan Dishes, Kung Po Dishes, Mushroom Dishes These are the traditional foods of China. These categories have plenty of subcategories where you will see hundreds of variations in all type of Chinese foods.
Foo lok was established since 1986 were it’s a family run Chinese take away running from one generation to the next, with our experience and expertise we cater the best Chinese dishes to our customers. Foo lok is affluent with hundreds of Chinese food menus and recipes. Foo lok is located upstairs at centre point shopping centre at Woodview grove, Clonsilla Dublin 15. Foo lok is known to be the best spice bag provider in Blanchardstown and offer great meal deals which is great in value. Lastly foo lok was nominated in 2016 under four categories within the Justeat awards for best spice bag ireland , best take away Ireland, and best takeaway Chinese. We foo lok staff are highly proud just to be nominated from thousands of restaurant and takeaway.